Interesting Viewing

In a bid to increase viewer numbers a local broadcasting company is making a documentary about ladies who work in the professional dating industry. Sometimes referred to as dating companions, these ladies earn a living from providing company to gentlemen who would prefer not to go out alone.

The documentary will feature several Newcastle escorts who work in and around the Newcastle area. It will cover not only their working life but also their very private lives.

The last time a documentary of this nature was shown viewers figures were increased ten-fold proving that this is the type of programme that a lot of people enjoying watching. Perhaps it is the intrigue surrounding the profession that so many people are drawn to. It will certainly make a change to the usual serious, often bad news documentaries that are shown.

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Needed Fresh Air

It was really warm out the other day and I wanted to get out of the house to enjoy some fresh air. I called a couple of my friends and they were either at work or already had plans doing something else. The next call that I made was to my fuck buddy, who came and picked me up right away.

We went out for some lunch, stopped in at the local ice cream shop and then went over to the splash pad at a beautiful park about ten miles away. We were walking through the splash pad and were told to leave because we didn’t have a child with us, at least I was able to cool off a little bit. He dropped me off and I went home to make my plans for a fun and wild weekend adventure with my other buddy that actually has a lot of money!

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Mom & Grandma’s House

My neighbors across the street always have something crazy going on at their house. It is the mom, daughter and son and the traffic in and out of that place is nuts. Their kids are always running around the neighborhood during all hours of the night. I wonder if they even ever have to check in, I do not allow my two children to play with them.

I found out last week that both the mother and the daughter work for the London escorts agency. That explains all the people in and out of the house day and night. Gentleman of all ages from young to old. Many times you will not see anyone there for days and other days you will see five to ten people at the house. I feel so sorry for the children and hopefully they do not know what mom and grandma are up to.

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Time For a Fence

The weather has been quite warm this week and I am hoping it will stay that way. When I was having my routine gay fuck buddy this morning I happened to look up at the thermometer and notice it was in the high 80′s at only 9:00 in the morning. I do not mind the warmer weather but I would much rather live in a place a bit cooler than this. Like everyone has always said, you can always put more clothes on if your cold, but you can only take so many off if your hot. If I did not have nosy neighbors you better believe I would strip right down, but they are always looking my direction. One of these days when I have the motivation I will start building a fence to end that problem.

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