A Walking Mess

It is my first vacation in over two years and for once I am having fun and relaxing. I came to the Harrogate area to get away from my work and home life. Both of which have become very stressful over the past few years. I did not bring anyone on my trip with me because it is a time for me to release stress and anything else that is on my mind. If anyone else was to come, it would just be extra baggage on my back that I do not need. The only person that is disappointed with my little vacation is my sister. We were supposed to go to Derby escorts together for a date, but it never happened. I feel bad in a way, but if I did not get out of the state when I did, I would be a complete disaster. Stress can take a toll on a persons body and mind, and I just wasn’t ready to become a walking mess.

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Crazy Times

My 20 year old daughter has been driving me crazy lately, she just can not make her mind up. She was in a bad relationship for three years and ever since then it seems like she has been on a mission with men.

Every single time I turn around she is with a new guy, she always tells me it is just a friend. I have came up with my own theory, she has several fuck buddies. Now when she introduces me to a new man, I just think in my head that he will be gone next week.

She is a beautiful gal and can get any man that she wants, he is instantly wrapped around her little finger. Now she is taking advantage of it and is always coming home with new clothes and her hair and nails done. She has always been high maintenance and I think she has discovered that she can get it all for free.

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Winter Fun

My wife and I spent all tonight making a sled ramp for the kids to use when they wake up in the morning. We even sprayed water over the track to help boost them a little with speed. They have been complaining about not having any place to go sledding so we finally worked something out to let them have a little fun in the snow. I remember last year we got together with a bunch of friends from Leicester escorts and made a tubing track out behind the house and all of us adults had a blast. Of course there were drinks involved so we kind of went over board on the whole idea. Bill ended up making a jump at the end of the track which ended up spraining some ankles and wrists through out the night. Although it was painful for some we had a blast.

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A Great Job to Have

Being me is not exactly the easiest job in the world, but it does involve a lot of fun. Last weekend my work paid for me to go out of the country to check out our competition and make a list of things we need to bring into our business. While I was there I had free range to do as I pleased as long as I brought back the specific information needed. So, needless to say I had an amazing time, like I usually do. The best part of the trip was my date with a chick from Sheffield escorts. The second best being the food that I ate while I was there, it was amazing! If there had to be one thing I love the most about being my boss’s favorite, it is definitely the awesome jobs and vacations he sends me on. I have yet to be disappointed with any of my destinations.

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What a Day

When I went to sit in the library, the librarian has a question for me. She asked me what I planned on pursuing as a career. I had never really thought about that until now. I knew that I wanted to do something pertaining to art. I love taking a blank page and turning it into something wonderful. I am aware that there are many different options for art related careers. There are jobs for painters, graffitti artists, tattoo artists, and sketchers.
There is even jobs were I can do my artwork on a computer, like computer graphics or escort web design. I have to admit they both sound like worthwhile careers, but I know that it takes specialized schooling to be proficient in it. I like the idea of my knowledge of art being able to help a company build a website that makes their company stand out above the rest. I think that I have come up with the answer to her question. I want to pursue a career in designing webpages.

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Needed Fresh Air

It was really warm out the other day and I wanted to get out of the house to enjoy some fresh air. I called a couple of my friends and they were either at work or already had plans doing something else. The next call that I made was to my fuck buddy, who came and picked me up right away.

We went out for some lunch, stopped in at the local ice cream shop and then went over to the splash pad at a beautiful park about ten miles away. We were walking through the splash pad and were told to leave because we didn’t have a child with us, at least I was able to cool off a little bit. He dropped me off and I went home to make my plans for a fun and wild weekend adventure with my other buddy that actually has a lot of money!

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Time For a Fence

The weather has been quite warm this week and I am hoping it will stay that way. When I was having my routine gay fuck buddy this morning I happened to look up at the thermometer and notice it was in the high 80′s at only 9:00 in the morning. I do not mind the warmer weather but I would much rather live in a place a bit cooler than this. Like everyone has always said, you can always put more clothes on if your cold, but you can only take so many off if your hot. If I did not have nosy neighbors you better believe I would strip right down, but they are always looking my direction. One of these days when I have the motivation I will start building a fence to end that problem.

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