Stupid Me

This morning was the earliest I have woke up in a long time. The reason for it you ask? I ended up falling asleep next to my MILF fuck buddy last night, which is a huge “no no” for me. We usually don’t do anything but sleep together but last night we figured we would have a few drinks before we got started. Needless to say I had a few to many and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was done for. I felt so awkward waking up this morning that instead of waking him up, I just grabbed my purse and pretty much ran out the door. I haven’t received a phone call or anything either, so I hope he is not mad at me for leaving so quick or falling asleep at his house. I guess I will not know that answer until he calls me.

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So Annoying

I am trying to do the whole stay at home work thing and apparently I have chosen the wrong job to do! I left the Newcastle escorts business so I could stay at home and take care of my husband through out his chemo treatments. I ended up decided to do telemarketing through an online company where the pay me on a weekly basis. Every since I signed up for it my phone rings of the hook from other telemarketers! I should have known better than to put my number down for anything because I can’t even make a penny with my phone if other people are calling in every other minute. If I can’t get it figured out within the next few days I am probably just going to give up and quit. At this point in time I would rather flip burgers than hear my telephone go off.

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Stray For The Night

It seems like every time that I wanna fuck my husband, he is not interested or too busy doing something else. We have no children and both work the opposite shifts, so sometimes being intimate can be tricky. For years, we have these great jobs making great money and neither one of us want to let them go. We are set when it comes to assets and bank accounts.

I am getting to the point that I might go stray away for a night so that I can be pleased. If I do, it would have to be on a week night when he is gone all night for work. Lately, I have been thinking about contacting the local escorts agency to see what type of “HOT” men that they have available.

My best friend gave me the idea because she uses the service very often, she likes to stay single and out of any type of relationship.

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How Do I Do This?

I was so relieved and happy to here this morning that Leicester escorts was able to provide me with a gorgeous young lady to come to my business dinner party. Now that I have a date it gives me the predicament of what to wear, how to comb my hair and whether or not I should act like myself. Because of my lack in woman skills, I have a feeling I will have trouble in all these departments. I am however very excited to see what this lady will look like and whether or not she will be happy to accompany me. Despite my shyness, I am very old fashioned when it comes to women. Therefore, I believe they should be pampered and treated with all the respect in the world. I am hoping she will take a liking to this and we can enjoy some time together after the party is over.

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Time For a Celebration

I graduated college last week and I have been trying to come up with something to do for a celebration. So far I have called Nottingham escort agency in hopes to have a beautiful woman for a date so I do not end up alone at the end of the night. There is a group of 10 of us celebrating together and I am the one who needs to find a place to go, so it needs to be fun and extremely exciting. I have never had to plan anything before so we will see just how well this goes. I am hoping that even if I cannot book a great venue or get a few dates for us guys that we will still have fun and enjoy each others company. That’s what celebrating is all about right?

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A Good Laugh

At work this morning the main discussion was about Nottingham escorts and who has gone through them before. We all laughed because he has gone through them hundreds of times and all of us have never even heard of that company before. Since none of us have ever gone through that specific escort company, my boss offered to take us all on a weekend vacation to enjoy the luxury of having a personal escort. I laughed at the thought of going with my boss to meet women as he is almost 60 years old. But for an older guy he is very entertaining and fun to be around, so I imagine some how the trip will be worth my while. If not, at least I will have most likely had a beautiful day on my time away.

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Crazy Times

My 20 year old daughter has been driving me crazy lately, she just can not make her mind up. She was in a bad relationship for three years and ever since then it seems like she has been on a mission with men.

Every single time I turn around she is with a new guy, she always tells me it is just a friend. I have came up with my own theory, she has several fuck buddies. Now when she introduces me to a new man, I just think in my head that he will be gone next week.

She is a beautiful gal and can get any man that she wants, he is instantly wrapped around her little finger. Now she is taking advantage of it and is always coming home with new clothes and her hair and nails done. She has always been high maintenance and I think she has discovered that she can get it all for free.

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Needed Fresh Air

It was really warm out the other day and I wanted to get out of the house to enjoy some fresh air. I called a couple of my friends and they were either at work or already had plans doing something else. The next call that I made was to my fuck buddy, who came and picked me up right away.

We went out for some lunch, stopped in at the local ice cream shop and then went over to the splash pad at a beautiful park about ten miles away. We were walking through the splash pad and were told to leave because we didn’t have a child with us, at least I was able to cool off a little bit. He dropped me off and I went home to make my plans for a fun and wild weekend adventure with my other buddy that actually has a lot of money!

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